Roof Rack Systems

KAT Vehicle Shelving stock and fit the KRS range of Roof Racks. They are an award winning system that can be fitted to vehicles with or without rain gutters. KRS Roof Racks provide a streamlined appearance designed to enhance the look of your vehicle. KRS Roof Racks have the least amount of wind noise of any roof rack on the market today.  The KRS range has been developed for most makes and models of vehicles.

3 Bar Guttermount System

Whether you require a 3 Bar System or a Full Commercial System the KRS range of roof racks has the solution. The precision molded rubber boots on all mount plates ensure the ultimate protection for your vehicle. The dual clamping process distributes the load over twice the area of most conventional molded racks and therefore minimizes the stress on the vehicles roof structure.

Full Commercial System

KRS’s Ladder Rack system is lightweight yet extremely strong, designed for commercial vehicle requirements. The specially mounted low friction skid blocks and rail extrusions ensure ease of loading and unloading of ladders.  The KRS rack system is fully anodized.

If you would like a price for roof racks for your vehicle either give us a call or click the quote button and we will get back to asap with a price. Don’t forget to mention your vehicle make & model as well as whether you require the 3 Bar System or a Full Commercial.


  • The aerodynamic design of the system offers less wind resistance which improves fuel efficiency, thus lowering operating costs to fleet operator.  Long-term fuel savings make the KRS racks a highly desired item on the commercial fleets.
  • Unique KRS wind buffer inserts in the aerodynamic bars virtually eliminate wind noise.
  • High-quality components are utilized.  All fasteners are high tensile stainless steel.  Contoured roof bars are aerospace grade fully anodized alloy ensuring corrosion is not an issue even in the harshest environments.  The bars have the maximum load rating of any production alloy system currently available.
  • The latest polymers developments were taken advantage of to ensure there was no compromise taken in battling the harsh effects of the Australian sun and weathering. Use of the highest grade of UV stabilized glass filled Nylon ensures that your roof racks will continue to look great for many years.
  • KRS Roof Racks dual clamp system on the vehicle ensured that the load was spread over twice the distance of conventionally molded racks minimizing the stress to the vehicles roof structure.
  • Fully molded boots perfectly form around the clamp system giving the ultimate protection to where the roof racks contact the vehicle.
  • The KRS system incorporates high strength while maintaining a low overall weight.  The use of computer designed alloy cross bars combined with specially molded supports gives a lightweight high strength assembly.  The weight savings pass on considerable savings to the fleet operator.
  • The new gutterless style mount has a unique pivoting base which adjusts to the perfect angle for mounting the alloy cross bars.
  • The racks are OEM quality and compliment the vehicle.
  • The KRS system is fully recyclable in line with today’s corporate policies.
  • KRS Roof Racks are able to accept most popular brands of accessories.